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Diane Sargent

Diane Sargent


(740) 385-3517

Diane's Bio

Diane S. Sargent is serving her fifth term as Hocking County Treasurer. Diane had worked in the treasurer’s office for eight years previous to being elected to the position as Treasurer in 2004. Diane developed an escrow pre pay program for the payment of real estate and manufactured home taxes during the start of her first term of office.  The next accomplishments in the office was the ability to pay real estate and manufactured home taxes by the acceptance of credit cards and online payments. Hocking County Sewer payments are also accepted online now. Diane has also been working with TaxEase, Ohio II to collect delinquent property taxes.

Diane as the Treasurer must also serve on several different boards such as: The Investment Advisory Board, The Budget Commission, The Financial Review Board and The Board of Revision for Hocking County.

Ms. Sargent served as the 2021 President of the County Treasurers Association of Ohio,  a member of the Southeast District Treasurers Association and Hocking County Township Association.

The County Treasurer holds many responsibilities in the office such as collection of all taxes including real estate, manufactured homes, and county sewer payments. All other monies for the county are also collected by the Treasurer and balanced with the County Auditor daily. The Treasurer is also the chief investment officer for the county and retains the highest bond within the county.