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Jason Despetorich

Hocking County Seal


(740) 385-4027

Probation Department

Probation Officers supervise defendants who are placed on community control by the judge. Community Control is supervision by the Adult Parole Authority or the court's probation officer here in the local community. This supervision consists of having the defendants report to the probation office so they may be interviewed as to their progress on goals which are set by the judge and the rules of probation. These goals include remaining drug free, getting a GED, paying restitution and costs, becoming and remaining employed and other goals. The officers also make home visits to observe the defendant in their home environment.

Administrative Assistant: Sarah Horn 
(740) 380-4123 Ext. 1
[email protected]

Probation Supervisor:  Casey Jones       
(740) 380-4123 Ext. 4
[email protected]

Probation Supervisor/Pretrial Services: Melissa Blair
(740) 380-4123 Ext. 6
[email protected]

Probation Officer: JC Mojzer
(740) 380-4123 Ext. 5
[email protected]