Jeff Dickerson

Jeff Dickerson, President

Sandy Ogle

Sandy Ogle

Gary Waugh

Gary Waugh

Hocking County Commissioners

Comissioners: Jeff Dickerson, Sandy Ogle, Gary Waugh

Due to the Covid-19 Crisis Meetings will be held via Facebook Live

Meetings held on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am

Clerk: Kaula Funk

Phone: (740) 385-5195

Fax: (740) 385-1105

[email protected]



A board of three County Commissioners serves as the general administrative body for Hocking County. County Commissioners are elected for a term of four years. Two are elected in the presidential election year and one in the gubernatorial year. County Commissioners are elected to office like other county officials, such as Sheriff, Engineer and Auditor. However, they are seen as the leaders of county government, and their authority goes a long way toward supporting that viewpoint.

The Board of Commissioners operates by adopting resolutions, which require approval of at least two of the Commissioners. Although Commissioners are considered the legislative authority of the county, they cannot make laws. The powers, which the Board of Commissioners may exercise, are spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code.

Given specific and limited authority by the state legislature, County Commissioners hold title to all county property, serve as the sole taxing authority for the county, and control county purchasing. Most importantly, Boards of County Commissioners are the budget and appropriating authority for county government.

This means that County Commissioners must take a broad view when making public policy and budget decisions. Given their impact on the work of many other elected officials and different departments, they must be astute in matters of the law enforcement, correction facilities, human services, business development, and other areas. Given their budget-making authority, they must have a good business sense matching available revenue to service needs.

County Commissioners also have statutory authority for providing water and sewer services as well as solid waste (trash) disposal. They hold hearings and rule on annexations. And, as noted earlier, County Commissioners today are being given responsibilities, such as making public assistance work, that were once held by the state and federal government.

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