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Municipal Court

Hocking County Seal

Judge Frederick T. Moses

(740) 385-2250

Criminal Division

General Information Regarding Criminal Division

You may contact the Criminal Division during the office hours of 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. The waiver schedule can be accessed through this site under Bond Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do when I come to the court as specified by my citation, assignment notice, letter, or bond recognizance form?

Report to the Bailiff and sign in.

When appearing at the Clerk's office, how should I identify myself?

DO NOT use a nickname or alias 
Use the same spelling as listed on your paperwork 
If the name or address is incorrect, ADVISE the court so it may be corrected.

What must I bring to court?

You must bring any relevant paperwork having to do with your case, such as:

  • Copy of citation
  • Any written communication from the Court
  • Bond papers and receipt
  • Documents of proof for compliance of judicial order or sentence
  • Adequate funds to pay fines and costs

How long should I plan to be in court?

It will depend on the number of cases scheduled for that day. There is a sign-in sheet stationed outside the courtroom. Each Defendant is to sign-in and will be called before the Judge.

What sort of hearings can I expect to attend?

Arraignment - Reading of your rights, reading of the charges, entering a plea and appointment of an attorney if warranted. 
Pretrial Hearing - A conference between parties (Prosecutor and Defendant or attorney for the Defendant) regarding the issues of the case. 
Trial - The examination of the evidence and the decisions of the issues of law and fact by a judge or jury to determine guilt or innocence. 

Court costs are a minimum $99.00 for all criminal cases (including charges that can be waived). These costs CANNOT be waived if a person is found guilty.

If you plead not guilty and go to trial, there may be additional costs incurred for subpoenas, witness fees, etc. These fees are in addition to the minimum $99.00 costs.

Do I need to have an attorney represent me?

You may have an attorney represent you at trial, if you wish, but you are not required to have one. You may also request to have a Court appointed attorney represent you.

Can I bring in statements from witnesses to present to the Court?

The Court will not consider affidavits or other written statements in lieu of a witness' appearance at trial. If you want the Court to hear from a witness, they must be present.

How do I get a witness to come to court?

If you want a witness to come to court, and they refuse to come voluntarily, at least 10 days prior to trial you must ask the Court to issue a subpoena compelling appearance. If the witness lives outside of Hocking County allow 20 days for service of the subpoena.

What if I cannot come to court on the day scheduled for trial?

If you cannot appear on the day scheduled for trial you must file a Motion and Entry for Continuance and time waiver at least 24 hours in advance of the trial date. You must contact the Court to see if your continuance was granted. If you have an attorney you must contact him/her regarding your appearance. If you have subpoenaed witnesses, you have the responsibility to inform them that the case is continued. You would also be required to inform the witness of the new trial or hearing date.