Changes in 2014 Dog Tag

Hocking County Auditor Ken Wilson and Hocking County Dog Warden Don Kiger have announced that the 2014 dog tags will go on sale December 2, 2013. The tags will be on sale at the following locations: Hocking County Auditor’s Office, Hocking County Animal Shelter, Hocking Valley Feed, Saving Hardware, & Dr. Valerie Daubenmire all in Logan. They will also be available at Carroll Farm Service in Laurelville and B&W Carry out in Carbon Hill.

Based on new legislation passed by the Ohio General Assembly in June 2013, you may now purchase a one year, three year or permanent tag for your dog(s). The Hocking County Commissioners have approved the following license fees for 2014. Regular licensing dates are December 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014.

One year Tag…….$15.00   Three year tag……$45.00   Permanent tag……$150.00   Kennel tag……$75.00

The three year, permanent and kennel tags can only be purchased through the Auditor’s office. To purchase a kennel tag you must be engaged in the business of breeding dogs for sale or hunting.

The Hocking County Animal Shelter is also announcing the 9th annual #1 Dog Contest. By purchasing a $5.00 “Heart tag” your dog will be entered in a contest to receive the #1 dog tag and other nice prizes as well as a photo of you and your #1 dog appearing in the Logan Daily News. The $5.00 donation goes to help support the Animal shelter.

The 2014 dog tag applications will be mailed at the end of November. If you do not receive a renewal application or have any questions you may contact the Hocking County Auditor’s Office at 385-2127