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911 Center

Hocking County Seal

Sandy Wintermute, Director

(740) 385-3000

Logan Police

The Chief of Police for the City of Logan is Jerry Mellinger. Visit the Police web site by clicking the above link.

Logan Fire Department

The Chief for Logan Fire is Chris Maley. Visit the Logan Fire web site by clicking the above link.

Hocking Sheriff's Office

Visit Sheriff Lanny North's web site. The Sheriff's site has links to many sites of interests and it also has a complete list of sex offenders.

Hocking County EMS

Hocking County Emergency Medical Service employs 24 full-time Paramedics, and 25 part-time members made up of Paramedics, Intermediates and EMTs. HCEMS currently operates three stations to cover its 424 miles of territory, which includes popular tourist destination Hocking Hills State Park and the Wayne National Forrest ATV Trail System.


MedFlight is a not-for-profit, CAMTS accredited air and ground critical care transportation company based in Columbus, Ohio that completes nearly 7,000 critical care transports by helicopter and Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) each year.

Air Evac

Air Evac, Inc. utilizes a team approach with a crew configuration of a registered nurse, and a paramedic both trained in advanced critical care procedures.

Tornado Terms

TORNADO is a violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm.  A condensation funnel does not need to reach the ground for a tornado to be present.  A debris cloud beneath a thunderstorm is all that is needed to confirm the presence of a tornado.

TORNADO WATCH is issued by the National Weather Service when conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area.  Watches are usually issued for four to eight hours.  During the tornado watch, people should review tornado safety rules and be prepared to move to a place of safety if threatening weather approaches.  Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio or local TV or radio newscasts for up-to-date weather information.

TORNADO WARNING is issued by the local National Weather Service when a tornado has been detected by Doppler radar or sighted by storm spotters.  A tornado watch does not have to be in effect for a tornado to form.  If a tornado warning is issued for your area, seek safe shelter immediately.  Tornado warnings are usually issued for 30 minutes.  Continue to listen to your NOAA Weather Radio or local TV or radio newscasts for up-to-date weather information.

Tornado Safety Tips
Whether practicing a tornado drill or sheltering during a tornado warning, the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness encourages everyone to DUCK.
D-Go DOWN to the lowest level
U-Get UNDER something
C-COVER your head
K-KEEP in shelter until the storm has passed