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Hocking County Seal

Lodging Tax

(740) 380-4100

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new short term rental operator:

Step One is registration. (Form can be found Here.)
Registration Form should be E-Mailed to [email protected]

What is the County bed tax?

The Bed Tax rate is 6%. It is charged to every transient guest for lodging  3% is paid to Hocking County and 3% is paid to the local township.

Who must file County bed taxes?

Every establishment (hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, Air BnB rental, house rental, room rental etc.) kept, used, maintained, advertised, or held out to the public to be used as a lodging establishment where sleeping accommodations are offered to transient guests.

When is the County bed tax filed?

The County bed tax is filed on a monthly basis by way of a Monthly Lodging Excise Tax Return form, which is due in the Lodging Tax Department no later than the last day of each month after which the tax is collected. This must be USPS postmarked (NOT METERED) on or before the last day of each month to avoid late penalty. No exceptions for holidays or weekends.  Payments may also be made online for the county portion here.

Are Bed and Breakfast or House/Room facilities required to collect Lodging Tax?

Yes, all rents for lodging to transient guests are subject to the Hocking County Bed Tax Regulations.

Does each city within Hocking County collect their own bed tax or does the County impose the only bed tax?

Bed tax is collected by each township.  A copy of the tax return must be submitted to the local township as well.

Is there a specific form to be used by the Lodging establishment in determining the amount of tax to be paid to the County? How often is the tax paid to the County?

The Monthly Lodging Excise Tax Return describes the steps to determine the amount due to Hocking County and the township in which the lodging is located. This form is required to be filled out on a monthly basis. (Form can be found here.)

Where does a lodging establishment send their tax each month?

Lodging Tax Office
93 West Hunter Street
Logan, OH 43138
Ph# (740) 380-4100
[email protected]

To whom is the check made payable for the Lodging occupancy taxes?

All revenues collected by any County office are to be made payable to the County Treasurer.

Township Checks:

Township Checks should be made to corresponding Township Fiscal Officer. (List of Fiscal Officers can be found here.)