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An official website of Hocking County Ohio government

Josh Givens - Director

Hocking County Seal

Lodging Tax

(740) 380-4100

Township Fiscal Officers

Name Position Address City, State Zip
Jamie Funk Clerk of Starr Township 35975 Water St. PO Box 116 Union Furnace, OH 43158
Darcie Tisdale Clerk of Laurelville Village P.O. Box 401 Laurelville, Ohio 43135
Anna T. Lindsay City of Logan Auditor 10 S. Mulberry St. Logan, Ohio 43138
Debbie Angle Clerk of Laurel Township 26971 Wildcat Rd. Rockbridge, Ohio 43149
Angie Stump Clerk of Perry Township 18575 Thompson Rd. Laurelville, Ohio 43135
Anita Six Clerk of Ward Township 44438 Carbon Hill Buchtel Rd Nelsonville, OH 45764
Makiah Seifert Clerk of Salt Creek Township 16744 State Route 56 Laurelville, Ohio 43135
Danika Waldren Clerk of Green Township P.O. Box 127 Haydenville, Ohio 43127
Sandra Snider Clerk of Marion Township 7320 Zwickle Rd. Logan, Ohio 43138
Jack McGrady Clerk of Good Hope Township 25890 Buena Vista Rd. Rockbridge, Ohio 43149
Cindy Huffman Clerk of Benton Township 23514 State Route 56 S. Bloomingville, Ohio 43152
Kim Edgar Clerk of Falls Township 30800 Freeman Rd. Logan, Ohio 43138
Susan Miller Clerk of Murray City PO Box 241 Murray City, Ohio 43144
Sandra K Reichley Clerk of Washington Township 17540 State Route 664S Logan, Ohio 43138