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Automatic Rights

You are automatically entitled to:

  • Be informed of your rights;
  • Be treated with fairness and respect for your safety, dignity, and privacy;
  • Reasonable protection from the accused or any person acting on behalf of the accused;
  • Receive information about the status of the case;
  • Refuse a defense interview, deposition, or other discovery request unless ordered by the court;
  • Object to defense requests for access to your confidential information, including medical, counseling, schoo'I. or employment records, access to your personal devices, online accounts, or other personal information;
  • Be present at all public proceedings;
  • Have a support person with you during proceedings;
  • Tell the court your opinion in public proceedings involving release, plea, sentencing, disposition, parole, and any other hearing that involves victims' rights;
  • Object to unreasonable delays; and
  • Full and timely restitution from the offender.

Rights that must be requested

You must REQUEST the right to:

  • Receive notice of the arrest, escape, or release of the offender;
  • Reasonable and timely notice of all public court proceedings;
  • Confer with the prosecutor assigned to the case;
  • Be notified of subpoenas, motions, or other requests to access any of your personal information;
  • Appoint a Victim's Representative.

Victim Services

What is the Hocking County Crime Victim Program?

This is a service provided through the Hocking County Prosecutor's Office that affords a primary and indispensable “first response” role for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault within the county. 

​A Crime Victim Advocate serves as a support system and offers reassurance as an effective means to a more positive outcome for a victim. Advocates provide services such as:

  • Respond with law enforcement officers to a crime scene assisting with crisis intervention;

  • Assisting victims as needed with filling out an Ohio Crime Victims "Marsy's Law" Rights Form;

  • Helps to clarify and/or educate on the court process and provide any updates on court proceedings; 

  • Assists in obtaining a Criminal or Civil Protection Order;

  • Inform and assist with the application process for the Ohio Crime Victims Compensation Program;

  • Make referrals to other service providers that offer additional assistance for immediate remedies;

  • Provide necessary criminal justice process/case updates to victims of crime.

​Ohio Crime Victims Rights

You HAVE THE RIGHT to be treated with Respect, Fairness and Dignity throughout the criminal justice process.


  • By law enforcement about your rights, available services, victim compensation, and the name, arrest and release of the defendant(s)

  • By prosecutors about pretrial diversion, plea negotiation, change in charges, and of all court proceedings, hearing changes, appeals, and parole and release hearings.


  • At hearings and proceedings without undue delay unless judge determines it will cause an unfair trial

  • To have someone represent you if you do not want to attend

  • To have someone with you for support, in a separate waiting area


  • Through a victim impact statement; prosecutor, judge, and be heard at a probation and parole hearing

  • Without penalty by your employer

  • With consideration from confidentiality when you are fearful


  • To be paid by the criminal for your financial loss, if ordered by the court

  • From the State of Ohio Victim Compensation Program for certain injury-related expenses and counseling, even if the criminal is never identified or arrested

  • To have your restitution order enforced as a civil judgment

​Protection Orders

If a person feels threatened of physical harm or is afraid due to the physical or verbal behavior of another, they may wish to petition the court for a protection order. A protection order is granted by a judge and orders the defendant to stay away from you.  The defendant should not enter your home.  The defendant should not approach you at your place of employment or at your school. If the defendant violates the protection order, a new criminal charge could be filed and the defendant could be arrested.


  • Criminal Domestic Violence

  • Criminal Anti-Stalking 

The type of protection order that is petitioned to the court can be determined by factors such as what criminal charge was filed and your relationship with the defendant. These are valid only for the duration of the court case.

  • Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
    You must be a family or household member of the defendant. This order can be valid for up to five years.

  • Stalking Civil Protection Order
    If you are being harassed by ANY person that has the intention to cause anxiety or fear. This order can be valid for up to five years.

​Crime Victims Compensation Program

A victim of a crime may be eligible to receive compensation for replacement costs such as medical expenses, loss of work, crime scene cleanup, counseling, and funeral expenses.

​This program is administered by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and applications are available online at or by request from the Hocking County Prosecutor's Office.

​Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

Vine is a free, anonymous, computer based service that provides victims of crime information and (if the victim chooses) an automated telephone notification when an offender has changed in status throughout the criminal judicial process. For more information, please call 1-800-770-0192, online at or by request from the Hocking County Prosecutor's Office.

​Help for Family Violence Victims

  • Survivor Advocacy Program (740) 597-SAFE (7233)

  • My Sisters Place (Shelter) (740) 593-3402 or 800-443-3402

  • Logan Police Department 740-385-6866

  • Hocking County Victim Services 740-385-1011

  • South Central Ohio Job and Family Services, Protective Services Department 740-385-5663

  • Hocking County Sheriff's Office 740-385-2131

​*If you have not been notified of the arrest of the offender within a reasonable period of time, you may contact the Hocking County Prosecutor’s Office to learn of the status of your case.

​**A copy of the incident report may be obtained once the investigation is closed.

***This program and all victim services publications are provided through a grant supported by the Victims of Crime Act, (VOCA) awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.  Victims of federal crimes will be served.

When further seeking victims assistance, please contact

Sandy Chapman, Crime Victim Advocate at (740) 385-1011 or email [email protected]

Mike McCoy, Crime Victim Advocate at (740) 385-1011 or email [email protected]