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Jason Despetorich

Hocking County Seal


(740) 385-4027

Court Services


Judge Jason Despetorich serves as the judge for the Hocking County Common Pleas Drug Court Program. This program offers a treatment-based alternative to prison for non-violent offenders with substance abuse issues.

Through comprehensive supervision, frequent and random drug testing, treatment services, frequent interaction with the judge, residential programs, and immediate sanctions and incentives, participants are given an opportunity to turn around their lives and become drug free. By becoming drug free, they reduce the likelihood of future incarceration. 

Drug Court Coordinator: Jessica Conley
(740) 380-4123 Ext. 3 
[email protected]

The Drug Court Coordinator runs the Drug Court Program for the Common Pleas Court. Drug Court is a program that reduces crime by assisting defendants by helping them become and remain drug free. Defendant's meet with the coordinator on a frequent basis for drug testing and to insure that they are meeting their treatment goals. The coordinator also frequently goes to the defendant's home and employer so the defendant's compliance may be checked. The coordinator also works with the Adult Parole Authority Probation officers as to the defendant obeying court orders and the rules of probation.

Pre-Sentence Investigator: Lynne Gordon 
(740) 385-4123 Ext. 2
[email protected]

The pre-sentence investigator is responsible for interviewing defendants, who plea guilty or no contest to criminal charges. The investigator also interviews persons found guilty of criminal offenses after a trial. The investigator uses the result of the interview and other information to write a report for the judge as to the defendant. The attorneys, judge and Adult Parole Authority officers use the report to reach a fair sentence and to screen the defendant for probation services, including drug treatment.
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